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Devine Color Discovery Cards

Step away from the fan deck and numbered paint chips and see color in a whole new light! Devine Color Discovery Cards let you visualize color options holistically in the context of light, architectural features, fabrics and furnishings surrounding them.

Each 8½" x 11" Color Discovery Card features a boutique collection of 10-12 Trend-Proof Devine Colors artistically arranged around a viewing window that lets you easily compare shades and discover new color possibilities. As you look through the window at the things you love in your home, the shade that works best will practically pop off the page. It’s almost as if the color chooses you!

Explore a story that speaks to you

Artist Gretchen Schauffler created Devine Color Discovery Cards around color stories inspired by the timeless beauty in nature and wonder from journeys afar. Browse all 19 collections and see what inspires you.

8½" x 11" card