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Cool Grasses & Evergreens Interior Paint: Devine Color

Gorgeous greens that make rooms feel au natural

Artist Notes: "Green, the most abundant color on earth, never seeks attention because it's always sought after. I blended sunlight, bark and stone into these greens to make them sociable and scenic. This collection ranges from summer to holiday hues so you can choose the green that grows on you."
​- Gretchen Schauffler

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Cool Grasses & Evergreens Color Discovery Card

See color in a whole new light! Look through the window and see how Devine Color comes to life in the light of your home and plays off subtle tones in your floors, countertops, tile, furniture, fabrics and accessories.

Colors on the card are artistically arranged so you can easily compare shades and discover new possibilities. As you look closer and visualize color in your room, the shade that works best will practically pop off the card. It's almost as if the color chooses you! Watch the Devine Color Discovery Card Video

8 ½" x 11" card
Devine Color Cool Grasses & Evergreens Collection Discovery Card