Devine Color Creamy Wall Coatings

Devine Color Creamy Wall Coatings is more than just paint. It’s paint, illuminated. Created by artist Gretchen Schauffler to free color from the limits of mass-produced paint, Devine Color is made differently. Our exclusive, color-illuminating formula is infused with premium-quality pigments that embrace light and let true, rich, radiant color shine through. Devine Color is luxuriously creamy and coats walls abundantly with a soft, lush finish that’s durable and washable. It’s low odor, zero VOC (as calculated by EPA method 24).


Devine Color Powder our version of matte

Absorbs light and hides wall imperfections. Makes color look powdery soft and irresistible like suede. Perfect for peaceful bedrooms, conversation areas and, of course, powder rooms. Brings a warm radiance to vintage, old-world and traditional style rooms.

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Devine Color Delicate our version of eggshell

Disperses light and makes color feel lighter with an ethereal, glowing finish like luxurious silk. Perfect for dreamy bedrooms, charming great rooms and even state-of the-art kitchens. Luminously beautiful, yet able to stand up to the hustle and bustle of hallways and bathrooms.

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Devine Color Luscious our version of semi-gloss

Reflects light and makes color look slick and shiny with a glamorously smooth finish like fine satin. Perfect shimmer for trim, dramatic, contemporary looks and moisture barrier for bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms. Great for creating eye-catching accent stripes and patterns.

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Devine Dust

Add to any Devine Color Creamy Wall Coatings interior paint to dial up dazzle. Tiny metallic-toned mineral flecks catch light and flicker on walls and ceiling after the paint dries. Tone it down or turn it up. Add two packages per gallon for soft, subtle shimmer or three or more packages per gallon for bold, brilliant sparkle. Amazing effect in an entire room or eye-catching accent for ceilings, stencils, faux finishes or craft projects. Available in silver or gold tones.


Devine Color Deluxe Swatch

Go big or go home. This 8" x 11" swatch of radiant Devine Color puts tiny chips to shame. Use it to visualize color around the room or create stunning mood boards. Available in all 209 Trend-Proof Devine Colors.