Two cultures, two climates,
twice the color inspiration

Vibrant lime, brilliant turquoise, radiant tangerine — these were the light-infused hues artist and Devine Color founder Gretchen Schauffler craved when she moved from her childhood home in sunny Puerto Rico to a completely new culture in cloudy Portland.

She was inspired by the natural beauty surrounding her — lush, mossy forests; winding, blue rivers and majestic, violet-gray mountains. But pure sunlight is scarce in the Pacific Northwest, and its muted landscape was a world away from her beloved tropical hues of the Caribbean. She missed the glow of brightly painted buildings, the sparkling aqua sea and the vivid pinks, reds and corals of the island blooms.

As she matured into an artist and color consultant and brought these contrasting palettes together on canvas and in her home, Gretchen gained a powerful insight that drove her vision for Devine Color — you can make wherever you are an expression of who you are.

Devine Color: Cultural Inspiration

Freeing the pigments of her imagination

Gretchen didn’t set out to create her own paint. As she established her color consultancy in the Portland area, she made do by mixing paints off the shelf to create custom shades for her clients. But the colors on the walls never quite matched up to the colors in her imagination — gorgeous, luminous hues she experienced in nature, culture, art and dreams.

Powerful childhood memories again fueled her pursuit. She wasn’t satisfied until the paint she crafted delivered two defining color-enhancing qualities — a soft, radiant finish like the luminous, chiffon gowns her grandmother handmade for her to wear to Quinceanera celebrations; and a rich, creamy texture like the white paint her grandfather used to ceremoniously coat her home in honor of the New Year’s tradition of renewing the old and ushering in the new with a fresh coat of paint.

Finally, she tossed away the lackluster fan decks and nonsensical numbered paint chips and brought to life a palette of nature’s perfect colors — a rich, radiant rainbow of hues that would always inspire and never go out of style. She christened her creation the Devine Color Trend-Proof Palette.

An artistic color philosophy

Devine Color Culture & Art

Gretchen believes the artistic philosophy of building a painting from the background of the canvas to create the setting for the foreground is the perfect way to approach color choices in the home.

With this in mind, she created each color in the Trend-Proof Palette with purpose — to set a beautiful backdrop for the natural materials in the home, like hardwood floors and cabinets, stone countertops and fireplaces, and fabric furnishings and accessories. She home-tested each hue to ensure it fills the room with warmth without overwhelming it.

Gretchen also believes that color preferences are deeply connected to personal experiences, expressed through feelings and stories. So she curated the Trend-Proof Palette into spirited collections, each inspiring a colorful journey filled with possibilities for personal expression.

Living life, illuminated

Devine Color: Gretchen Schauffler

Today, life is Devine for Gretchen. As Devine Color pursues its vision to transform the paint industry with innovation and creativity, she maintains an active voice in its evolution — as color mentor, creative director and champion of an enlightened paint experience for everyone.

She embraces every opportunity to be inspired by color — in nature, film, art, music and culture — and to share her passion with others. There’s no greater joy for her than empowering people to live colorful lives to the fullest.

Gretchen’s journey is ongoing into new artistic endeavors and developing life products that continue to push the limits of personal expression, discovery and creativity. She’s yet to meet a wall she couldn’t break down or make beautiful.