Gallery G

Get to know a little more about artist and Devine Color founder Gretchen Schauffler as you peruse paintings from her personal collection. Let her journey inspire yours…

"In the eighties, dark hunter green was all the rage and the beloved lime green of my childhood in Puerto Rico was nowhere to be found. I scoured garage sales for the closest thing I could find — leftover avocado-colored housewares from the sixties! This was a defining moment that shaped my vision for the creation of the Devine Color Trend-Palette, firmly grounded on the belief that while trend is entertaining, art and nature never go out of style."

"Everyone has color memories that shape how they feel about color. As a color consultant, I’ve matched colors to the ideas in the minds of over 3000 people. The Trend-Proof Palette can help you recognize a color experience and translate it into a color you love."

"Both the Caribbean and the Pacific Northwest have endless year-round color inspirations, but they have drastically different climates. When I moved to Portland, I no longer had an abundant light source, so I created paint with light-enhancing sheens that bring luminous color to life indoors the way I experienced it as a child."

"There are no right or wrong turns in life, just a colorful journey. The intertwined shapes of the Devine Color logo   symbolize how we’re linked by the same color experiences. I arrived at my Devine Color destination and invite you to connect on your own artistic journey."

"There are a lot of things to fear in life, but color should not be one of them. A lot of people may think they fear color, but it’s really a fear of being wrong or judged that inhibits us from expressing ourselves in color. Red doesn’t let you compromise. If you love it, set free your fear."

"I know we’ve all witnessed colors coming together and becoming divine in sunsets, landscapes, art and dreams. I know that even people who hate purple would never take purple out of a beautiful sunset. I know that when we bring together colors that others understand, we bring beauty to our lives that we can share with others."

"Color speaks louder than words and has purpose, meaning and reason. There’s a difference between a woman having golden hair and wearing a purple dress versus switching the colors the other way around. I created Devine Whites to speak for themselves. They are like perfect tooth colors to the beautiful skin tone in wood, stone and granite."

"Everything in a home is a color. Some are permanent, like wood, stone and granite; some are timeless and some are trendy. Devine Color’s Trend-Proof palette is like a hue finder — it lets you understand the past, acknowledge the present, and see your color future."

"It only takes one stroke of color to know a color is wrong. It took me hundreds of strokes to get them right. I craft, blend and manipulate color to give it a human quality, so when you engage it with the things you own, it looks like it was meant to be. Devine Color transforms the old, the new, the borrowed and the true into works of art."