The Devine Difference

Devine Color Creamy Wall Coatings is more than just paint. It’s paint, illuminated. Created by artist Gretchen Schauffler to free color from the limits of mass-produced paint, Devine Color is made differently. Our exclusive, color-illuminating formula is infused with premium-quality pigments that embrace light and let true, rich, radiant color shine through. Devine Color is luxuriously creamy and coats walls abundantly with a soft, lush finish that’s durable and washable.

Artist-created Trend-Proof Palette

The Devine Color Trend-Proof Palette includes 209 timeless, luminous hues inspired by art and nature, including silvery skies, sunbaked canyons, sparkling pools, discoveries abroad and wonders in the wild. Every color is thoughtfully created to complement natural materials in the home — highlighting subtle tones found deep in wood grain, on the surface of stone and woven into fibers of textiles.

19 inspiring boutique collections

The Devine Color Trend-Proof Palette is curated into 19 boutique collections to inspire your color journey and help you create harmony in your home. Explore a story that speaks to you: Pebbles & Creams, Pacific Trail Mix, Espresso Blends, Valley Vineyards & Spices, Ocean Tide Pools, Natural Blondes, Cool Grasses & Evergreens, Silver Skies, Desert Lights, Woven Tattles & Spun Tales, Wild At Heart, Running Wild, Wild Whim, Vida De Lago, Havana Del Alma, French Casino, Pieces Of Paradise, Wild Child, Sweet & Hot Beans

Enlightened color selection experience

Step away from the fan deck and see color in a whole new light. Our unique Devine Color Discovery Cards let you visualize color options holistically in the context of your home’s light, architectural features, fabrics and furnishings. Each card features a boutique collection of colors artistically arranged around a viewing window that makes it easy and intuitive to compare shades and discover new color possibilities. As you look through the window at the things you love in your home, the shade that works best will practically pop off the card. It’s almost as if the color chooses you.

Exclusive light-enhancing sheens

Devine Color leaves a lush, radiant finish that’s touchably soft and smooth, like fabric. We offer three exclusive sheens that work with light to enhance the finished look of the color and the mood of the room. Devine Delicate, our ultra-rich version of eggshell, disperses light and makes color feel lighter with an ethereal, glowing finish like luxurious silk. Devine Powder, our ultra-rich version of matte, absorbs light and makes color look deeper with an irresistibly soft finish like suede. Devine Luscious, our ultra-rich version of semi-gloss, reflects light and makes color look slick and shiny with a glamorously smooth finish like fine satin.