Devine Color Press Release

Gretchen Schauffler, Founder & Creative Director

April 5th, 2013

When Devine Color Founder Gretchen Schauffler was 10 years old, her mother moved the family from San Juan, Puerto Rico to Portland, Oregon. While living in the Pacific Northwest, Gretchen craved the vibrant colors of Puerto Rico, where buildings are brightly hued and the Caribbean Ocean sparkles with blues and greens. To express herself and stay tied to her roots, she began incorporating color into her home.

An artist, Gretchen experimented with a collage technique that helped her create color compositions with anything from paper to texture to paint. People who visited her home loved her unique combinations. Her colors exuded personality, expression and understanding. All the colors seemed to belong together.

It didn't take long for word to get out about Gretchen's color consulting and her unique color philosophy. Every time Gretchen worked with a client, she gathered samples of the wood, pillows, curtains and other adornments in their homes. With this inspiration, she would then create color palettes at her home, not theirs. The color collections Gretchen made proved to be the perfect background for her clients’ furnishings. She artfully connected their belongings with the purpose of wall color. This is how she began to understand that not every color gets to be on a wall, just like not every color should be on your lips.

Searching through thousands of paint colors in typical fans decks led to frustration instead of inspiration, so Gretchen began to make her own paint colors. Devine Color was born when she took the six gorgeous colors of the rainbow and began creating 12 unique palettes. By neutralizing, transforming and enhancing those palettes, Gretchen created more supporting palettes including Pacific Trail MixTM, Valley Vineyards and Spices, Ocean Tide PoolsTM and more.

Today Gretchen serves as the Creative Director of Devine Color, which has grown to include 209 trend-proof luminous hues organized into 19 inspiring collections. The creamy wall coatings are available at Target, and


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