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Devine Color Introduces a Collection of Interior Paints and Self-Adhesive Wallpapers

April 1st, 2014

    To help homeowners tackle smaller DIY decorating projects with style and ease, Devine Color has created a new collection of 12 beautiful, trend-proof interior paint colors, offered – for the first time ever – alongside a selection of six coordinated, self-adhesive wallpaper patterns. The new paint collection and Devine Color wallpapers are available nationwide at Target stores. 


    Devine Color is known for its artistic color sense, rich, creamy texture and carefully edited palette of 200+ luminous hues. Creative director Gretchen Schauffler mixes each color by hand to create custom blends that stand the test of time. She equates the new palette to a fabulous party, where each hue’s personality pairs well with others and enhances the atmosphere. In addition to its well-edited range of colors, the line also features smart sizes, including 8-ounce samples and a new 2.5 liter can that makes purchasing the right paint quantities for accent walls, trim makeovers, furniture refurbishment and craft projects economical and stress free. 


    “We wanted to create a range of amazing neutrals and accent colors that had enough depth to work with each other and the existing decor in any home,” said Schauffler. “To achieve that, each is blended by hand, mixing colors and undertones until we achieve a custom color that feels utterly inspired for everyone. You don’t need 20 pinks when you have a pink strong enough to stand with – and up to – the rest of the rainbow.” 


    Such is the case with Devine Blossom, which Schauffler describes as a “mom’s dream pink”, pleasing little girls without the saccharine, cotton candy feeling that gives the color a bad rap. Devine Primrose, a bold poppy red, is a color chameleon with both blue and orange undertones. As for the cooler end of the color spectrum, Schauffler wanted to create modern options with retro appeal. “Blues are tending toward turquoise and mint,” she said, “but those can be overwhelming or icy.” Devine Pond offers a dip in tropical waters, and Devine Horizon is a spa-like blue with a hint of green. A warm, rich navy, Devine Compass, points to a summer night sky.


    Devine Twig and Devine Mirage offer cool neutral options that create a sophisticated canvas for any space and that become the perfect foil for other colors. Warmer neutrals that are offered include a rich cocoa-colored Devine Buck and Devine Lightning, a creamy white with red undertones. Thanks to their unusual complexity, these four hues are able to pair in unexpected ways with all of the other colors in the collection.


    The line also proves that neutral need not be white or beige. Three stunningly subtle colors in the line can be used without fear of clashing with a room’s decor or fighting other accent colors: Devine Starlight is a dusky mid-range purple, Devine Firefly is a creamy, sunny light yellow, and Schauffler calls Devine Meadow a dream green. “Green can go so institutional. We wanted Devine Meadow to be effortless, with a mix of yellow and blue undertones that feel natural and earthy.”


    To complement the palette, Devine Color Prints and Patterns wallpaper designs are perfectly coordinated to the paint colors. Each self-adhesive wall covering can be easily applied, removed or even re-positioned without a professional installer. The range includes geometrics, chevrons, stripes, fleur-de-lis motifs, and metallic gold-accented wovens and trellis designs. Schauffler suggests lining a painted dresser’s drawers, painting stair treads and applying coordinated wallpaper to the risers, or trying a striped treatment across an accent wall with the patterned papers.


    “We hope this collection will empower and inspire people to try something new,” Schauffler said, “and to create and decorate fearlessly, knowing they have foolproof tools at their disposal.”


The 2.5-liter paints cans and wallpaper rolls are $29.99 each, and are available at Target stores and One roll of wallpaper covers a 3.5' x 8' surface. For more information, visit


About Devine Color: Devine Color is dedicated to empowering designers and homeowners with luminous, artist-created interior paint colors that enhance any decor style. Creative director Gretchen Schauffler used her background in art therapy and graphic design to found the company out of her home in 1998, developing a curated palette of trend-proof colors that feel fresh and timeless however they are used. Each radiant hue, created by hand and custom mixed on canvas to achieve the perfect depth and balance, also has a unique light-reflective quality thanks to the company's exclusive formula. Devine Color is available through select retailers across the U.S., as well as online. As part of the Valspar Corporation, Devine Color benefits from the global footprint as well as research and development capabilities of one of the world’s leading coating manufacturers. Visit for more information. 

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Devine Color Introduces a Collection of Interior Paints and Self-Adhesive Wallpapers