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Devine Color Trend-Proof Palette

209 timeless, luminous hues inspired by art and nature, including silvery skies, sunbaked canyons, sparkling pools, treasured journeys and other spirited stories. Every color was thoughtfully created by artist Gretchen Schauffler to complement natural materials in the home – highlighting subtle tones found deep in wood grain, on the surface of stone and woven into fibers of textiles. Look around your room at the things you love and discover the Devine Color that brings your space to life!


Gretchen Schauffler

Artist Gretchen Schauffler created Devine Color because there was no paint that captured the luminous hues of her imagination.
Let her story inspire you.

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  1. Warm Neutral Interior Paint: Devine Color
  2. Cool Neutral Interior Paint: Devine Color
  3. White Interior Paint: Devine Color
  4. Gray Interior Paint: Devine Color
  5. Red Interior Paint: Devine Color
  6. Orange Interior Paint: Devine Color
  7. Yellow Interior Paint: Devine Color
  8. Green Interior Paint: Devine Color
  9. Blue Interior Paint: Devine Color
  10. Purple Interior Paint: Devine Color
  11. Pink Interior Paint: Devine Color

Devine Warm Neutrals

Familiar and true like a friendly embrace

View All Devine Warm Neutrals

Devine Cool Neutrals

Agreeable and easygoing for a peaceful vibe

View All Devine Cool Neutrals

Devine Whites

Pure and clean like perfect, sparkling smiles

View All Devine Whites

Devine Grays

Calm, steady and cool for tranquil spaces

View All Devine Grays

Devine Reds

Passionate, powerful expressions of independence

View All Devine Reds

Devine Oranges

Social and stimulating signs of cultural influence

View All Devine Oranges

Devine Yellows

Bright and cheery promises of everlasting joy

View All Devine Yellows

Devine Greens

Abundant and balanced landscapes for living

View All Devine Greens

Devine Blues

Trustworthy and timeless like a childhood friend

View All Devine Blues

Devine Purples

Complex, mysterious and intriguing personalities

View All Devine Purples

Devine Pinks

Youthful, feminine and downright flirty fun

View All Devine Pinks